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Indian Legend of Hairy Man (AKA Bigfoot)

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Indian Legend of Hairy Man (AKA Bigfoot)

Post  CMcMillan on Fri Aug 31, 2012 8:15 pm

One thing have always thought intresting Most Native American legends talk about all the animals that they once lived with out man.
In some of these Legends they talk about the Hairy Man being one of them.
The Hairy Man also helped decide what Man would get.

Its facinating since I always believe that even in ancient legends their is some bases of truth.

When People Took Over
People spread out all over the mountains, taking all the land and eating all the food. Animals didn't have anyplace to go. Eagle, chief of all the animals, told the animals that they could not remain in their traditional places, because people had taken them. He asked them where they wished to go. Eagle said, "What are you going to become? What will you be? I myself am going to fly high up in the air and live on squirrels and sometimes on deer." Hairy Man said, "I will go live among the big trees (Giant Sequoias) and hunt only at night when people are asleep." Dog said, "I will stay with people and be their friend, I will follow them, and perhaps I will get something to eat in that way." Buzzard said, "When something dies I will smell it. I will go there and eat it." Crow said, "When I see something lying dead, I will pick out its eyes." Coyote said, "I will go about killing grasshoppers. That is how I will live." Hummingbird said, "I will go to the flowers and get my food from them." Condor said, "I will not stay here. I will go far off into the mountains. Perhaps I will find something to eat there." Woodpecker said, "I will get acorns and make holes in the trees [to store them in]." Bluejay said, "I am going to make trees grow over the hills. I will work." Rat said, "I will go where there are old trees and make my house in them." Mouse said, "I will run here, there, and everywhere. I shall have holes, and perhaps I can live in that way." Trout said, "I will live in the water and perhaps I can find something to eat there." That was the time when animals stopped being like us and scattered

I believe many of the Ancient Myths and legends are from some truth people saw at the time.

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Re: Indian Legend of Hairy Man (AKA Bigfoot)

Post  Green911 on Sat Sep 01, 2012 3:47 am

They say that most stories have a basis in truth, it's just sorting out the fable part, and finding the actual truth. Native stories are some of the best to start with. elephant

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