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Sali Sheppard-wolford on her life with Bigfoot in 'Valley of the Skookum'

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Sali Sheppard-wolford on her life with Bigfoot in 'Valley of the Skookum'

Post  CMcMillan on Mon Sep 10, 2012 1:40 pm

8. If you could describe the origins of Bigfoot and exactly what they are in terms of their origins. What would you say?

SSW: If I had to hazard a guess, I would say that they are a type of prehistoric man who has morphed into the form we see today. Some say they are a form of ape, but I don't agree. The two beings I saw were hairy people. They did not have the stooped posture, flattened face, or coned head described by some, nor (during this meeting) was there the pungent scent Sasquatch is famous for.

Some claim Sasquatch are the missing link. I don't agree with that either. If anything, it could be that WE are the missing link. Sasquatch are capable of existing in the wild, as our ancient forebearers were. We are the only "animals" on this planet who require all the trappings of society to stay alive.

Lloyd Pye, in his book, Everything You Know Is Wrong, answers many of my own questions regarding this subject. If nothing else, he makes a person think.

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Post  Holt on Mon Sep 10, 2012 8:08 pm

With all due respect and no offense intended but were the descriptions kinda colorful? For example, wafted by on a sodden breeze, broken branches hung like dead snakes , I mean I don't talk like that nor anyone I know.

Perhaps I misunderstood and it was a written interview or she was reading some of it from the book.

I do believe her and I think from what I know and have seen in interviews she has a great daughter. I really like Autumn Williams has my utmost respect and prayers. I CAN see someone having those experiences.
I guess I was just thrown by use of all those descriptive words.

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