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Could Bigfoot be a bear with a mental illness???

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Could Bigfoot be a bear with a mental illness???

Post  DPinkerton on Wed Sep 12, 2012 11:26 am

From the Blog...

We assume Bigfoot is an undiscovered hominid because it walks on two legs. Without any clear and undisputed photographs of this beast, we are assuming it is a hominid because it makes sense. What if there were some bipedal bears suffering from a strange compulsion to walk upright? Call it a bipedal mental illness. When disturbed the animal flees on his four legs and Bigfoot vanishes.

This statement completely disregards all potential eye witness accounts. Photographs may bot be clear and may be disputed, but many many eye witness statements describe "bigfoot" to be a hominid. They describe flat facial features vs. long bear like snouts. They describe a hominid like walk, long arms and legs. Things that a mentally ill bear do not posses.

That being it possible that a number of bigfoot sightings were actually bears reaching up in trees or standing for any number of reasons? Surely. But to suggest that because we don't have a clear photograph...everything we have seen is really just a bear who needs counciling is a stretch!


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Re: Could Bigfoot be a bear with a mental illness???

Post  madison5716 on Wed Sep 12, 2012 12:01 pm

I think mental illness only happens in civilization and agricultural societies. Bears have no civilization or agriculture.


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