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Why would we want to classify Bigfoot as Human....

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Why would we want to classify Bigfoot as Human....

Post  CMcMillan on Mon Oct 01, 2012 3:06 pm

I have read several people wanting to try to ask what would it take for Bigfoot to be classified HUMAN.
I am not really sure I would go along with this.
But lets look at what defines us.
Human Characteristics: Walking Upright
Modern chimpanzees occasionally walk upright, but their skeletons are not adapted for regular walking on two legs. Early humans evolved skeletons that supported their bodies in an upright position. Modern humans have bodies adapted for walking and running long distances on two legs.

CM: Bigfoots are known to walk Upright and on all 4's But can they stand on 1 foot for any period of time?

Human Characteristics: Tools & Foods
Chimps Make Tools, Too

Chimpanzees in Guinea used this stone anvil and hammerstone to crack open oil palm nuts, an energy-rich food. Nut cracking is one of the most sophisticated examples of chimpanzee tool use.(Specimen courtesy of Professor Tetsuro Matsuzawa, Kyoto University Primate Research Institute, Kyoto, Japan)

Chimpanzee stone anvil, hammerstone with palm nuts, ant-dipping tool, and spear Researchers in Senegal observed a chimpanzee sharpen this stick and use it to spear bush babies sleeping inside tree hollows—the first time chimpanzees were observed using tools to hunt. (Specimen courtesy of Dr. Jill Pruetz, Iowa State University, Iowa)

Chimpanzees in Guinea use specially prepared sticks like this to “fish” for ants, a high-protein food. They make holes in the side of a nest, insert the stick, and pull it out—covered with ants. (Specimen courtesy of Dr. Kathelijne Koops and Dr. William McGrew, Cambridge University, England)

CM: We have no evidence as of yet if Bigfoots make Use or make tools.

Changing Body Shapes and Sizes
Short bodies, long guts

The earliest human species were small in size and usually had long arms and short legs. Their plant-based diet required a large digestive tract. A wide rib cage made room for the stomach, intestines, and other organs that break down food.

As early humans spread to different environments, they evolved body shapes that helped them survive in hot and cold climates. Changing diets also led to changes in body shape.

The bodies of early humans were adapted to very active lifestyles. Their bones were thicker and stronger than ours. Starting about 50,000 years ago, as a result of less physically demanding lifestyles, humans evolved bones that were sleeker and weaker.

CM: I think we have reports of Different Body shapes and sizes of Bigfoots in different areas of the country.

Bigger Brains: Complex Brains for a Complex World

Humans are primates, and chimpanzees are our closest living relatives.

The brains of the earliest humans were similar in size to those of chimpanzees. But over time, human and chimpanzee brains evolved in several different and important ways.

CM: Obviously we have no Idea about this, except it appears bigfoot is smarter than a Chimp.

Human Characteristics: Social Life

Over time, early humans began to gather at hearths and shelters to eat and socialize. As brains became larger and more complex, growing up took longer—requiring more parental care and the protective environment of a home. Expanding social networks led, eventually, to the complex social lives of modern humans.

CM: No direct information on any of this in the bigfoot, It is assumed they have some kinda of Social Life made. Question is, IS it just a family group or a society.

Human Characteristics: Language & Symbols
By around 8,000 years ago, humans were using symbols to represent words and concepts. True forms of writing developed over the next few thousand years.

●Cylinder seals were rolled across wet clay tablets to produce raised designs.

●Cuneiform symbols stood for concepts and later for sounds or syllables.

CM: Do Bigfoots use symbols to communicate? We have heard vocalizations but is this similar to any animals communication or is their real speech going on?

Human Characteristics: Humans Change the World

CM: This one is our arrogance that we judge it by what we think, Just like in the book Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy we find out Dolphins were livin the easy life to have us feed them. And the Mice were really in control of the world.

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Re: Why would we want to classify Bigfoot as Human....

Post  Tzieth on Mon Oct 01, 2012 3:41 pm

Well, Chimps may use rocks to crack open nuts.. But Otters use them to crack open clams, mussels and oysters.

Wood Knocking would be even more sophisticated tool use as it has a higher purpose if either theory is correct. A) Communication or B) running ungulate herds into a trap. But speaking of using rocks on shell-fish, that is eye-witnessed Sasquatch behavior.

As for symbols... The snapping of tree branches and the rock piles associated with Bigfoot.

But you sort of hit the nail on the head... How long have we known about chimps? And yet we are just now finding out just how in depth their tool use is.

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Re: Why would we want to classify Bigfoot as Human....

Post  CMcMillan on Mon Oct 01, 2012 3:54 pm

I would think Wood Knocking is more a communication tool like Morse code. Which then would fall under Brain and Communication Smile

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Re: Why would we want to classify Bigfoot as Human....

Post  Green911 on Mon Oct 01, 2012 6:41 pm

Again, it's humanity that believes we are at the top of the food chain. No reason for us to make/classify Bigfoot as human. It's its own sub species of primate for sure. But with many "human" charachteristics and behaviors.

When you think about it, humans have subspecies. For example Africans, Asians, and Europeans.


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Re: Why would we want to classify Bigfoot as Human....

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