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Tracking tactics ?

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Tracking tactics ?

Post  RealBigFoot on Wed Oct 17, 2012 3:50 am

Hello Guys,

I am new to your forums and whilst I have had an interest in Bigfoot since I was very young I have only recently started to visit Bigfoot sites and forums. The information here is interesting and the forum in general is far more relaxed than others I have visited and I might hang out for a while to learn some more about this elusive creature. I also wanted to share some knowledge I have learned through many years of spending extended periods alone in the forests. As an Entomologist I am quite often in remote locations such as tropical rainforests and national parks and have learned to use my skills in Insect detection to my advantage when it comes to detecting the approach of other people or animals. After watching shows such as "Finding Bigfoot" where the guys go running around the forest yelling and such I have absolutely no faith in them finding anything...I do hope I am wrong of course. What I have found is that once I have reached my destination, set up camp, gathered firewood and set up whatever Insect traps I choose to employ and the Insects in my immediate area have become accustomed to my pressence they readily give warning of the approach of anything or anybody else.
The tree dwelling Insects such as Cicada's respond to sound vibration and will give an alarm (They go silent) when they detect a sound such as a broken branch or twig and they are the first to alert me of the approach of something. Soundwaves travel a long distance and these little guys can pick up disturbances from up to a kilometer away depending of course on how loud/sharp the sound is. When something gets closer, usually 50 - 100 meters, Insects such as Crickets pick up the vibrations through the ground and give a loud shrill warning and from this you can quickly ascertain the direction the animal/person is coming from. It takes time to learn to recognise these sounds but anybody can easily learn to use the tactic, it just takes a bit of patience and practise.
At night it is especially useful and has saved my butt from getting mauled by wild dogs on one occasion and gave me time to climb a tree when an extremely large pig came for a visit on another. I am always on my own when out in the field and hence find it much easier to tune into the surrounding sounds which obviously makes it easier for me to find specific Insects. Anyway you probably already know this, I am sure Native Americans use this in the same way Native Australians do but I thought if you didn't it might be a handy thing to know.
I would suspect if the Sasquatch was as smart as presumed and hence tuned into its environment it would use nature to its advantage in much the same way.

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Post  MylesLI on Wed Oct 17, 2012 7:03 am

Great post...welcome


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