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Team Tazer and Bias

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Team Tazer and Bias

Post  CMcMillan on Sun Feb 24, 2013 11:44 am

Bart Cutino

Tyler Huggins
He also has no interest in profiting from his efforts, and feels the field would benefit from more altruism, transparency and cooperation.

Thats funny that they have to Say this. Yes of course he has intrest in Profit if he didn't he wouldn't mention this.

Justin Smeja

Ro Sahebi
After interviewing Justin Smeja for the movie "I Killed Bigfoot", he initiated the documented polygraph exam featured in the short film," The Examination". It was not long after when Ro began to spend time in the Sierras with Justin and Bart Cutino to continue filming and reporting on the ongoing research efforts. His background as a musician and filmmaker brings a fresh perspective to the field, delivering quality professional content rarely seen in the bigfoot community.
Shawn Evidence

I think it is funny that the person who is trashing Melba "Tyler and Bart" are infact part of the "Bigfoot Documentary" that Ro is putting together.
So any Information from these people is bias when it comes to Melba's work.
They Want to be the ones to Payout on Discovering Bigfoot.
ala Ro's Documentary.

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