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Trail Cameras ....avoidance a mystery to me.

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Trail Cameras ....avoidance a mystery to me. Empty Trail Cameras ....avoidance a mystery to me.

Post  ***** on Sun Apr 07, 2013 2:44 pm

There have been a few recent posts on multiple forums I frequent relating to why Sasquatch avoid trail cameras. Perhaps they don't----- and the populations, and timing of the placement of such cameras can more than account for the lack of trail cam photos.

It's odd to me however, that by this point with the deployment of so many over a 10 year period that none have captured quality photos of Sasquatch. Since I personally know they exist having witnessed one, I'm dumbfounded at how they go about detecting and avoiding these cameras. At this point I'm leaning toward the mix of a nocturnal subject, and their abilities to see into the infrared spectrum. Still it's odd, that at no point has there been a coincidental photograph.

This article discusses a study by an acoustics lab that rules out them hearing the cameras IMO. It also discusses how there are other animals, such as Alpha coyotes that are able to avoid being made famous themselves.


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Trail Cameras ....avoidance a mystery to me. Empty Re: Trail Cameras ....avoidance a mystery to me.

Post  Squatchmaster G on Mon Apr 08, 2013 5:11 am

They'd have to know that the trailcams were left by humans, either by observance or scent or just plain deduction. They'd also know that the trailcams are harmless. We know that they're not adverse to investigating objects that humans leave in the woods and they wouldn't have any concept of photography so I can't think of any reason for them to hide from the trailcams.

Having said that there might be a reason that no one has thought of yet, we dont have enough data for our speculations to be properly informed.
Squatchmaster G
Squatchmaster G

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Trail Cameras ....avoidance a mystery to me. Empty Re: Trail Cameras ....avoidance a mystery to me.

Post  tree11 on Mon Apr 08, 2013 9:25 am

MAKE NOISE.i tell hunters from the city that sneak through the woods that all wildlife know your there and are up to the end of my work day,shut bull dozer down.before i can get to my truck,deer are licking dirt off the the morning,start chainsaw,cut down a tree ,deer come watch.....i can drive off,turn around,go back,deer are already eatting small tree contains sugar.Crows and squrrels want to see what deer found to eat. Why would bigfoot be any different?daytime,i feed birds,squrrils,crows. Night time,i don't know what eats the corn,bird seed, and peanut butter sandwiches.last night it was grapes.i'll buy a wild life camera.fresh deer tracks there every morning. Bigfoot smells so strong,how could one smell camera?i most likey will not share bigfoot photos anytime soon.My name will be known world wide as 1st to catch a bigfoot alive.hoping for a small young one.whats a baby ape called? Also ,i need to make money off the catch.tough living off $12,000 year.Can i legally own bigfoot?Should i apply for wildlife ownership permit? Greg


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Trail Cameras ....avoidance a mystery to me. Empty Re: Trail Cameras ....avoidance a mystery to me.

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