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my bigfoot encounter

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my bigfoot encounter Empty my bigfoot encounter

Post  hoosiersquatch on Tue Jan 21, 2014 4:16 pm

Im new to this forum and thought i'd share my story.  If any of you watched monster quest when it still aired regularly, you'll remember one episode in canada about bigfoot. It took place at a fly-in cabin where fisherman and hunters were being routinely terrorized by bf and when the cabin was not occupied something destroyed the inside. Other things happened in that episode, but ill get to my story.

It just so happened that at the time i saw this episode, me along with my two brothers, our dad, and our brother in law were taking yearly fishing trips in that same area of canada. My brother in law and i were by no means "squatchers" but our interest was through the roof. On the 17 hour drive we formulated a very simple plan: every evening of our week-long trip we would start a big fire, and do wood knocks in sets of 3. It seemed to us that the best strategy in an area like this where there are no humans, was to appeal to the curiosity of the bf.

we carried out our plan the first 2 nights with no results, and the 3rd night was a major storm so we stayed inside the cabin.  the plot of land our cabin was on was big. the cabin sits on the south end of the plot backing up to the lake. the fire pit was where we did all of our knocking, and it sat 10yds. outside the entrance west side of the cabin. just north of the cabin was a small clearing where an old cabin sat but was burnt down years before. so from where we were standing while facing north, the cabin was on our right, 20 yards of flat open land was in front of us, and at the edge of that was the forest. to our left, and behind,and somewhat to the north-west of us was the lake (we were on a small peninsula.)

so anyways, the 4th night.  we had been wood-knocking for a few hours.  we had a big fire going and drinking a few beers and having a good time (we weren't being quiet and were by no means drunk.) Just off the north-east corner of the cabin, just inside the woods, we heard a single knock. All four of us heard it (pops was asleep) and we got silent and looked astonished at each other. my brother in law looked at me and mouthed the words "knock back." So i pick up the ax handle and knock three times. Maybe ten seconds later at the most, another single knock from the same spot. At this point shit was getting a little freaky and everyone started to pick up anything they could use as a weapon. i.e. a machete, an ax, a giant stick. i knocked three more times, this time we received three knocks in response. i knew this was a bf for sure at this point, that was an intelligent response as far as i was concerned.  I triple-knocked one more time, this time a much different response. up to this point we heard no movement, only knocks.  In a completely different location, about 40 yards away from the source of the knocks, something that sounded like it was on two feet starts to pace back and forth. this was loud and obvious, the whole time small twigs were snapping, NOT being crushed under foot-fall, they were being snapped. This went on for about 1-2 minutes. It was absolutely terrifying, we were all frozen in place, staring at the woods. whatever was there, was just inside the trees, only about twenty yards away, but we couldn't see it. i thought it would pop out at any second. we finally got scared enough that we threw a ton of wood on the fire and that seemed to scare it off. We never heard it leave, but we had no more activity.

I think what happened is that at least two bf's, and probably more, came to check us out. they took up spots on the edge of our site and tried to communicate with us. When we "armed" ourselves, i think that made them nervous, and that's why the second one revealed itself in more of an intimidating way.

before you ask, this was a fly-in cabin. No roads, no trails, no anything. the possibility of a random hoax is completely 0. moose and deer did not have they'r racks at the time we were there. our outfitter had government leases on our lake and the four lakes surrounding it. there were no cabins on the other four lakes. we had portage access to them all and fished them all, no other people anywhere.

and for full disclosure's sake, we did have a bear come to camp the next afternoon. I'd love to have anyone's opinion on what they think of this.


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my bigfoot encounter Empty cool story!

Post  iwitness on Sat Jan 25, 2014 1:36 pm

hi, HS! your story sounds similar to my 2nd encounter. people tried to say i heard a bear, but i know heavy bipedal foot steps! when these Squatch started their wood-knocks, it was fierce and very loud!!! no way a human is any where's near that strong!


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my bigfoot encounter Empty Encounter

Post  sasdave on Sat Feb 01, 2014 5:50 pm

HS Sounds like you all had a good time. As it was your experiance many may not believe it; but, I have met people that have seen them like myself and others will still not believe. They have this fantasy that scientist and governing agents are here for the people. The reality is these grand creatures show themselves usually on their own terms not ours. Releasing info and data collected by the so called controlling elite would prove there has been a systematic cover-up. Yes, this is my opinion and right or wrong there is a lot to learn even if there are some hiding the truth.


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my bigfoot encounter Empty Encountering Thoughts

Post  Robert Smith on Fri Feb 28, 2014 8:07 am

Encountering Thoughts
A footprint in the sand-------
When looking at all the sighting reports It’s evident that we should realize, all the facts lineup .B utilizing all real data alone, one !ust co!e to the conclusion that the so called Bigfoot is not a creature, "ut in fact are a people that is half !an and half h"rid of what I would call an #all "east of the field$ Whereas to think of all the wildlife the have encounters within the so!e of %,&&& to '&,&&& ears, like watching how to catch pre, finding shelter, and even watching us, could teach the! a lot of things, like how a ca!p fire !a work, "ut the would never use it, as in, the wouldn’t never start a fire as to let anthing find the!

Robert Smith

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my bigfoot encounter Empty Re: my bigfoot encounter

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