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Encountering Thoughts

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Post  Robert Smith on Fri Feb 28, 2014 8:12 am

Encountering Thoughts
A footprint in the sand-------
When looking at all the sighting reports It’s evident that we should realize, all the facts lineup .B utilizing all real data alone, one !ust co!e to the conclusion that the so called Bigfoot is not a creature, "ut in fact are a people that is half !an and half h"rid of what I would call an #all "east of the field$ Whereas to think of all the wildlife the have encounters within the so!e of %,&&& to '&,&&& ears, like watching how to catch pre, finding shelter, and even watching us, could teach the! a lot of things, like how a ca!p fire !a work, "ut the would never use it, as in, the wouldn’t never start a fire as to let anthing find the!

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