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Fog Ape Central California New Findings!!

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Fog Ape Central California New Findings!! Empty Fog Ape Central California New Findings!!

Post  fogapebeliver on Fri Aug 15, 2014 2:23 pm

Hey avid bigfoot hunters,

I recently found some startling evidence of what we out in central California, more specific Merced County call the fog ape.  I work for a company that goes out and does landscaping work ie. tree trimming, tree cutting, brush removal, plowing, mowing, and whatever else the land owners need.  last week at an undisclosed location (do to research still being done and evidence collecting) me and my cowrkers believed we found a fog ape den.  It was out on one of the properties we manage there was a large amount of downed tree.  Once we started getting in there to remove them we noticed in the center was a large opening with what could have been a nest/bed area.  At first we thought it was a deer home or some sort of other large animal den, but the more we looked at it, we realized it was far too big for any of those animals that size.  I had a personal run in with some sort of large creature one day during duck hunting last season on a very foggy morning.  I thought to myself could this be a fog ape den?!?!  The next day we went back to the same area, but we were a little ways away and we found what we believe to be a foot print.  I have brought in some private investigators I found that specialize in this sort of stuff.  They advised me to not release any photos until they do some research, but I hope I can send one soon.  It was too big for any human foot print and was not an animal, so it leads me to believe its was a fog ape.  Another interesting fact is that this is all related to the drought.  This area has not be accessible for a very long time due to the large amounts of heavy brush and trees, but now since we are in this severe drought all of the brush and trees are dying which is opening up more area for us to work in.  These places have not been touched for a very long time, since I have been working here (10 years) and my boss hasn't worked on them and he has been working with the company 30 plus years. I'm hoping with the drought getting worse we will possibly find more fog ape evidence.  Please let me know if you guys have any information on this creature or have had any encounters with him.  I'd like to start a website with my findings and peoples personal stories and accounts.  Let me know what y'all think

Happy Hunting


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