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question about what my wife heard

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question about what my wife heard Empty question about what my wife heard

Post  curiousinla on Fri Nov 21, 2014 8:50 am

Ok. this might be long so please bear with me. My wife and her dad went hunting yesterday evening on the Jackson/Winn parish line in my hunting club in north Louisiana. My wife walked about 700 yards to her stand and arrived in her stand about 4:15 yesterday afternoon. Her Dad stopped and got in a climber about 500 yards up the trail from her. She said that at 5:09 they both heard a shot that was very close. the birds started cutting up around her stand after the shot. they were very loud and going from tree to tree. then about 5 minutes later,The birds all got very quiet and you could of heard a pin drop. she heard what sounded like a very loud clashing of horns to her left out in the woods. ( this is the way she came in from) She thought it was two bucks fighting because we have 5 or 6 big bucks on camera. She readied her gun to shoot in case they came out on the lane. Then the rattling noise stopped and she said that there was this very loud noise that sounded like something was clapping or like two limbs were being banged together. it started where she heard the rattling and then slowly worked all the way around in front of her, then down the hill to the right of her then back up to the hill behind her in the thicket. At dark she got down and walked out to meet her dad. She was very shook up but made the walk nonetheless. as she was telling her friend that hunts about 700 yards from us about it last night, her friend described the same noises before my wife said anything and said that she heard these same noises on November 7. The reson she knows the date is because she texted her husband when she heard them and asked what could possibly make those noises. So what do yall think made these un nerving noises so close to her stand? she thinks it could be a bigfoot, cause she has never heard nothing like it and she has hunted her entire life?


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question about what my wife heard Empty Interesting, we had a similar experience

Post  Legends Beware on Sun Nov 23, 2014 8:31 am

Great story, thanks for sharing. We had a similar experience in north GA a few weeks ago. We subsequently set up a trail cam w/ negative result. The strange thing is there is always deer/ wildlife in that area but the 24 hrs after the noises, we got nothing on the camera. You might want to try that, however. We heard very deliberate tree shaking as well, did your wife experience that?

Regards, Chris

Legends Beware

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