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Sasquatch Chronicles don't become a member

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Sasquatch Chronicles don't become a member Empty Sasquatch Chronicles don't become a member

Post  Brooksey501 on Sat Mar 28, 2015 9:39 am

Sasquatch Chronicles don't become a member, Why you may ask. Simple reason really, they don't fulfill their part of the contract you are supposed to get an extra 75% content. Having been a member since the beginning this target has never ever been reached, 99% of the time you get what non paying members receive. It's just a total lie they never reply to emails, they just take your money and run. Also hosts have just recently been caught out lying through their teeth, and the excuses they have come up with to squirm their way out of them is disgusting. 100's of members have left, even Will Jevning & Shannon Legro 2 of the main hosts have left due to all the lies. All they are interested in is your money BEWARE OF THEM!


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