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    Wed Sep 05, 2012 1:31 am
    Message by Blondie1 - Re: Hi I have a question...
    Yes and Dear God in Heaven what have I gotten into????? Stank and CM are killing me. I've been in conversation through pm's with them all night. CM is stalking every post Stank makes and I believe Stank is really trying. I asked him to learn how to compose a post without "You" in it. He's working on it. He SAID he's going to back away and cool off which I praised him for it. His delivery needs to work but CM has been making reply posts that make no sense and is full of cursing, etc. I've edited a few and been pming her too. I convinced her to put him on ignore, she tried, but pm'd me back to tell me he's a mod and she can't. LOL

    What I wanted to know was
    Why isn't my name as bold and pretty as Sasquai's, NobelSavage and Paul's? See look down in the bottom at the names.... I just want to be like my peers.... Rolling Eyes

    It's good to be back.

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