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Abominable Snowman

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Abominable Snowman Empty Abominable Snowman

Post  icicicles on Tue Apr 08, 2014 5:49 pm

May 28-1988.
It was Sat, Memorial Day week-end, a crispy morning with a beautiful clear blue sky.
My boy then Ten wanted to ride his new motor cycle up on the logging Rd belonging to a corporate forest owner. This meant we had to cover some pretty steep terrain to get there.
We live in the Wishkah valley and had to climb to the ridge to meet the Rd.
I’m 6’3’’ 230lb and it would be impossible for him to ride me up the steep terrain without flip the bike so I told him I’ll drive until we reach the Rd.
It’s approximately 11:00 am when we set out.
We approach the top of the ridge, an area that had been clear-cut in 1986 and slash-burned in 1987 so there is no greenery just charred old growth stumps to be seen for a 100 acres or more, common practice up here in Washington.
I stop the bike where the trail meets the Rd and my boy climbs off to take over. I’m looking north up the Rd thinking, that way has some big crush rock in the Rd that could cause us to have a nasty spill.
I then look southward and 100 yards away there is something huge and white in the Rd.
I’m thinking GREAT, somebody as dumped something off in the middle of the Rd again but I can’t make out what it is not your typical black garbage bags.
Suddenly it moves! It looks like it may be a person because it’s just standing there and I believe it was its head that moved. Now my boy is telling me he’s ready to drive now.
I’m still trying to figure out what I’m seeing. Its head was looking south now suddenly its head turns again to look east the way we came up from but we are north of it.
So now I’m thinking this is a person but what are they wearing and how are they so tall?
My boy still going on about his turn to drive when suddenly it looks north straight at us.
At that moment I knew exactly what I was looking at. It immediately begins walking in huge strides down the adjacent ridge alongside us.
In shock of what I was seeing I barked commands for my boy to get on the back “get on quick” he begins to argue with me I bark for him to get on NOW!
This is where I error, I thought because it’s moving so fast that he could get a real good look of it if we quickly rode toward it.
He’s despondent while climbing on the back. I take off fast toward it but it is moving way to fast so I yell at my boy “look there do you see it?” What he grumbles in my right ear.
I realize his head is over my right shoulder and the Bigfoot is moving away at our left.
By this time the Bigfoot has kept his eyes steady on us the whole time he was walking looking back over its left shoulder when suddenly it almost slams into an old-growth stump. I took notice the comparison of him to the stump as he passed it. He looked surprised then looked forward then turned his back to us to go over the back side of the ridge.
I yell at my boy to look over here, I’m looking back at him, this side, do you see it? He again grumbles what, I don’t see anything. By this time Bigfoot has dropped over the back side of the ridge and is gone.
I can’t believe I just ruined my boy’s chance of a life time to see Bigfoot.
We went back later to measure the stumps height and diameter. The stump came to his chest as he passed it and as he turned away he was half the width of the stump.
He had white hair with no visible neck. His hair was short on top of his head much like a fat top crew-cut. His face had short hair on it much like a dogs except for the sides of the head and lower face and chin area were long down into his shoulders.
His eyes were sunk-in dark concave with a huge eyebrow ridge.
He was ever erect standing and walking. His arms were long and swung just below his knees.
The skin of his palms and foot bottoms were flesh in color and void of any hair.
He moved in a liquid fluid stride and his arms were as long if not longer than his legs.
Without a mistake, his arms while standing fully erect swung below his knees.
His arms were bigger around then my legs and he had a huge muscular barrel shaped chest.
The stump was 12 ft tall and had a 8 ft diameter.

Yes I'm aware of how tall and wide that is but I can't tell you he was 8 ft tall when I had something to compare him to.
Since then my son has seen two young 4ft white ones also in the same area.

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Abominable Snowman Empty Re: Abominable Snowman

Post  iwitness on Wed Apr 09, 2014 10:51 am

thank you so much for sharing that! the white ones are obviously very rare, so that makes your sighting even more substantial. consider you & your son to be very blessed to know something that very few humans ever will.
i salute you and your encounter!Smile


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