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Bigfoot and Human contact

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Bigfoot and Human contact

Post  CMcMillan on Wed Sep 05, 2012 3:24 pm

So we are hearing more stories or so it seems of Bigfoot moving in closer to Human populated areas.
Could it be that they are becoming more curious about US now as well. or are we pushing them out or is it the events of 2012 (end of the current calendar changing things up?) Do they know something we don't?

What do you all think

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Bigfoot and human contact

Post  Blondie1 on Wed Sep 05, 2012 4:06 pm

I wonder if communication and technology allow for more reporting of the sightings/encounters?

It seems to me that if one goes back and looks for old sightings about the only way they were made known were through newspapers or retelling the stories. Now, there's cell phones with pictures, cameras, videos, the internet, etc.

There's a lot more people actively searching for them and with the Bigfoot exposure through tv programs, I suspect a lot of people are more aware that there may be something other than bears or moose in the woods.

I also think we are moving into their areas and they have no choice but be curious or furious.

I can't help but think, if they are there, how much longer will it be before someone gets hurt. I really do think they have a right to protect themselves and their young!

all of the above is my opinon only Wink


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